Thermo-Acidophilic Bacilli Detection Product

We sell products for testing thermos-acidophilic bacilli (TAB) that produce guaiacol causing off-flavors of fruit juices or etc. The line-up has a test-kit and culture media for the differentiation of TAB, Alicyclobacillus acidoterrestris and those are utilized by beverage makers not only in Japan but also widely in the world. For the detailed information of the products, please refer the product list.

Product name Intended use and information
Guaiacol Detection Kit Kit for differentiation of TAB
Va-YSG Medium Media for differentiation of TAB
YSG Agar Isolation media for TAB

Purchase opportunities for Kyokuto’s products overseas

We are marketing a differentiation kit and culture media for thermos-acidophilic bacilli, line of products for cell culture,and etc. through our distributors. If you would like to purchase our products, please contact us. We are happy to introduce the distributors to you. If you have any inquiries about our particular products, please contact us also.

Product name Intended use and information
BCYEα Agar Isolation media for Legionella spp.
GVPC Agar Isolation media for Legionella spp.
Irradiated SCD Agar Detection and enumeration of various bacteria and fungi in environmental sanitation; gamma-irradiated and three-layer packed
Plate Count Agar Microbial count media from food materials