Cell Biology Products

Product nameIntended use and information
Stem-Partner ACFAnimal component-free and feeder-free medium specially formulated for the growth and expansion of human pluripotent stem cells
E-RDF mediumSerum-free medium for hybridoma cells; dry powder that does not contain growth supplement (RD-1)
RD-1 supplementGrowth supplement for E-RDF medium; lyophilized powder
K110 medium type 1Serum-free medium for human epidermal keratinocyte; ready-to-use, high-calcium liquid
K110 medium type 2Serum-free medium for human epidermal keratinocyte; ready to use, low-calcium liquid
Pituitary extract KYOKUTOBovine pituitary extract, supplement for human epidermal keratinocytes and epidermal cells; lyophilized powder
PronaseCell dissociation reagent; liquid
Pronase/EDTA for StemCell dissociation reagent for stem cells; liquid
CP-1 High Graderyoprotectant for hematopoietic stem cells and the other stem cells; liquid
MTX-LDHMicro cytotoxicity kit; 960 tests

Purchase opportunities for Kyokuto’s products overseas

We are marketing a differentiation kit and culture media for thermos-acidophilic bacilli, line of products for cell culture, and etc. through our distributors. If you would like to purchase our products, please contact us. We are happy to introduce the distributors to you. If you have any inquiries about our particular products, please contact us also.