Clinical Microbiology


From specimen collection through to culture, identification, and drug susceptibility testing, our excellent quality control processes produce high-quality solutions for daily testing in clinical microbiology. We manufacture up to 22 million plates of “Vitalmedia”, a series of plated prepared media, under immaculately clean conditions, each year.

Our culture media are primarily used in clinical microbiology and are based on our expertise in microbial infectious disease. From nonselective to selective media, we offer a full range of products to assist in cultural testing for major infectious diseases.

Mycobacterial testing products are historical products of Kyokuto; in Japan, these products are also recognized as one of the standard products. We offer a variety of products, including sputum lyses reagent, staining reagent, traditional egg-based or liquid media, drug susceptibility test kits, and identification kits that use DNA–DNA hybridization technology.

Drug susceptibility tests play a crucial role in selecting appropriate drugs for patients. Our accurate microdilution technology and consistent quality control procedures allow us to provide many types of drug susceptibility test plates for MIC examinations of pathogenic microorganisms and fungi.

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