Research and Development

Profile of Research and Development Division

Kyokuto’s research and development division is in its Takahagi plant, located in Takahagi City, Ibaraki prefecture, about 200 km north of Tokyo. Because we have sold the raw materials for microbial culture media since our inception, our research and development division has exerted special efforts in the area of microbiological testing. In developing immunodiagnostic products that meet a diversity of customer needs, we have also focused on infectious diseases and all other related areas.

In the field of microbiology, we supply a wide range of plated prepared media, for clinical use and industrial testing use in nonclinical settings. We have also sold various clinical diagnostic reagents for biochemistry and immunodiagnostic products mainly geared toward work on infectious disease.

Furthermore, Kyokuto is now conducting research and development into novel products, such as culture media for eukaryotic cell cultures. In this field, we perform research and development with a consideration for basic research and industrial applications—especially in the areas of regenerative medicine and tissue therapy—and produce critical raw materials for pharmaceutical fields.

Taking into consideration future developments in personalized and regenerative medicine, Kyokuto is now looking to revamp its original, proprietary product line, by integrating its microbiological, immunodiagnostic, and cell biological technologies.

To be premier diagnostic company with presence at worldwide market place, Kyokuto is accelerating its own company business development efforts, as well as its research collaboration efforts with various companies and academic institutions in select, committed areas.

Research and Development Details

Product development for microbiological testing

  1. Improvement and development of plated prepared media for clinical use
  2. Product development of plated prepared media for food testing
  3. Product development of prepared media for environmental testing
  4. Culture technique using new materials for novel microbe searching (such as extremophile) and industrial applied base research

Product development for clinical chemistry and immunodiagnostics

  1. Product development based on latex agglutination, in infectious disease area
  2. Development of detection technology for rapid test format, represented by various types of immunochromatographic system, for the POCT field and expansion of applicable items—especially in infectious disease area
  3. Expansion of immunodiagnostics test items, except for infectious disease items

Scientific research in cell biology and development of industrial cell culture technology

  1. Development of various tissue culture media for regenerative medicine
  2. Customized development of tissue culture media for pharmaceutical industries
  3. Base research, such as support for drug discovery, using cells or cell quality control techniques
  4. Research for material science, intended for advanced medicine, using tissue and cells