Business Development

Kyokuto aims to expand its sphere of activities in business and research and development by establishing alliances with various business partners. We are looking to execute the following business opportunities. If you are interested, please contact us.

Distribution oppotunities in Japan

In Japan, Kyokuto has seven branch offices that sell microbiology testing products, mainly related to infectious diseases and immunodiagnostics. We have leading sales results in infectious disease products, especially in Japan. If you are interested in distributing your products in Japan, we would be pleased to create a mutually beneficial partnership with you. We are also interested in partnerships involving products related to items other than infectious diseases, provided we can reach a mutual strategic agreement.

License in

Kyokuto seeks partnerships by which it can acquire POCT-related technology, various high-sensitivity detection systems, unique biological materials that can be applied to new product development, and inexpensive bulk materials for prepared media in microbiological testing. We basically hope that both companies can build win-win collaborative relations in research and development. Although infectious disease products serve as the main part of our business, we are ready and willing to deal in other areas and related technologies.

Technical Collaboration (Design development and entrustment of mass producttion)

For many years, Kyokuto has sold a variety of high-quality products under quality management systems based on ISO13485. We gladly accept the responsibilities entrusted to us by the scientific community in mass-producing products for both domestic and overseas, by making use of our mass-production know-how (contract manufacturing). Our expertise is evident in the extensive experience we have acquired in designing the products of other companies. However, we also look to branch further into highly value-added products. We are mainly planning to develop immunodiagnostic reagents, such as those used in POCT, automatic analysis, and ELISA. Please contact us for other categories, as we are prepared to be flexible regarding a variety of other ventures.

Technical collaboration (Collaborative development and customization of cell culture media)

Kyokuto possesses eukaryote cell tissue culture technology, which has been developed for a long period. We have also established mass-production technology for industry use and a quality management system that produces high-quality product under the ISO13485 standard. Our cell culture media have already been used in various regenerative medicine fields, and they have been adopted for industrial use. In addition, we have established the developmental expertise needed to produce completely synthetic media that are absolutely free of any biological materials.

In working with you, we would be pleased to be flexible in customizing our operations so as to use an already-established production method. Given our extensive experience and resources, we can contribute to the enhanced quality and safety of your products, while reducing your total related costs. At the same time, we are seeking opportunities to collaboratively develop and manufacture cell culture media, for both clinical and industrial use as a contract development and manufacturing organization (CDMO). Please contact us if you are interested in the collaboration of research or joint business development with us.